About us

Welcome to the website of our home Smooth Collie breeding kennel which we called Smart Love.
In 2012 our whole family discovered this breed and fell in love with it. The first Smooth Collie appeared in Poland in 1989, however, it was only in 2009 when the first blue merle Smooth Collie was seen. We got enchanted by this breed’s balanced character, dignity, and incredible intelligence. We waited for 3 years for our dream dog Batavia (Desi) brought from the Czech FunDog breeding kennel of Andrea Procházkova. Andrea has been doing really fantastic work with her dogs and she taught us the same. Socializing a puppy and building a relationship with a human is the most important task of a breeder and the crucial stage in the life of our four-legged friends. We want to give these skills also to our puppies. Our goal is to popularize this rare breed in Poland. This website will present achievements in dog sports and dog show successes of our dogs. Here you will also find current photos. We have created this website at a very special moment for us – the birth of the first litter in Poland in which four puppies are blue merle. I know this will be our Smart Love and will give us a lot of smart love every day…

Teresa Forkiewicz-Sobina.